Tuesday, April 17, 2012


When the public servants become arrogant, the patient American people still have their rights and duty to overthrow those corrupt public servants and abolish thier tyranny.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Proof of God and God's Identity

No single discussion could scratch the surface my Nephew. We are talking about nothing less than propagating a new awareness and a world paradigm that exactly matches contemporary and known historical facts.

I'll share with you a great method for understanding the reality of God that is unique in that it is able to be grasped by skeptics, without pre-existing religious beliefs nor acceptance of any precondition. All it requires is serious intellect and commitment to follow the trail where it leads. The method I have in mind is to compare known history with concise prophecies.

A very notable example category is to compare the prophecies of the suffering of the Hebrew people through the last two millinea to the prophecies of that testing of the nation. Also in the similar vein are the prophecies of several nations, which can be verified historically condition for condition. These nations include Great Britain and The United States.

By using this comparison, we can produce an awareness of the providential hand of God in the course of human and national events. We can also understand the identity of God since this particular God is the one stating his premeditated intentions.